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Supervisor Essentials® is a management and leadership self-study training program that is ideal for new supervisors, team leaders and managers. Supervisor Essentials provides quick access to supervisory skills, tools and tips and helps supervisory and management personnel develop the people strategies they need to overcome mismanagement. Your key people will gain knowledge that benefits the entire company.

Here’s What’s Included in this Business Management Training Program:

  • Documenting Properly
  • Evaluating Performance
  • Inspiring Employees, Praising Performance, Improving Morale
  • Resolving Coworker Conflicts
  • Acting on a Fitness-for-Duty Policy
  • Team Building in the Workplace
  • Communicating Effectively with Upper Management
  • Observing Performance
  • Giving Feedback and Constructive Criticism
  • Delegating and Following Up
  • Dispensing Discipline
  • Helping to Prevent Violence
  • Investigating Minor Incidents and Employee Complaints

What can this business management leadership development training program do?

  • Provide new supervisors with business management – organizational development skills
  • Train supervisors in the field who can’t get to training
  • Promote team building in the workplace
  • Provide a resource for quick learning and fast reference
  • Perform due diligence and reduce liability
  • Train supervisors struggling with key issues
  • Obtain a printed record that a supervisor was trained
  • Save time, paperwork, and energy

Once a manager completes the program and the quiz at the end of each module, a certificate of completion is emailed for their continuing education records. The program provides 2-hours of professional development and costs only $129.00.

Contact your leadership skills coach by phone at 1-877-306-5292, by email or via our web form for pricing, availability, or to request a free preview.

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Leadership Tip

How do you inspire cooperation, resiliency, and vision while staying true to your own style and ensuring results?

One of the most powerful ways is to create a Coaching Culture within your organization. Start by making sure leaders and managers are partnering with employees to solve problems. Have them:

  • ASK powerful questions rather than TELL
  • Co-create action plans, paying attention to potential barriers, and
  • Hold themselves and their direct reports accountable for commitments.