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Fully 40% of new senior leaders fail within their first 18 months, according to research. Our Onboarding Coaching for Leaders program addresses this challenge directly by ensuring that newly hired leaders become solid and productive contributors quickly and effectively. Our process fully supports leaders as they build a foundation for long-term success in their new position or work environment.

Sessions typically address areas such as: leadership presence, clarifying leadership vision and style, managing people, attaining a global view, critical conversations, dealing with poor performance, managing accountability and building trust with executive teams and in other business relationships.


Contact The Workplace Coach today to learn how our Onboarding Coaching for Leaders program will develop your new leaders so they manage their teams with greater confidence and maximize results for your organization.

Best suited for:

Elements of Onboarding Coaching


Recently hired senior leaders and other key contributors

Employees assuming new roles in their organization

Individuals in a new work environment.

Corporate stakeholder meeting for goal setting and alignment

Assessment of individual’s management, leadership and personality style

Development of a 6-month SMART Goal Planner

Execution of customized onboarding plan

45- to 60-minute coaching sessions, usually biweekly, either by phone, videoconference or in person.

Ongoing email support.

The Onboarding Coaching program typically begins when the candidate is hired and continues for a minimum of three months.

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