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Midlife can be a challenging transition for leaders, with opportunities for either transformation or stagnation. Our research shows that Positive Psychology Executive Coaching gives midlife leaders the tools, resources and coping strategies they need to make the midlife transition a period of meaningful change and exciting growth.

As we face the physiological, psychological and interpersonal changes that accompany midlife, it’s natural to reevaluate and even question our goals, personal values and life plans. The Workplace Coach employs proven, research-based positive psychology interventions to support midlife leaders in goal achievement and the resolution of work and life challenges.

We begin my exploring individual values and strengths and then guide clients in applying positive psychology tactics to fast-track midlife mastery as they re-imagine and plan for the second half of life.

Best suited for:

  • Director to C-Suite executives, senior leaders and business owners, ages 45 to 64, who are ready to expand their perspective, refresh their opportunities and grow professionally and personally. 

Elements of the Midlife Mastery Program:

  • Custom assessment package that typically includes Values In Action (VIA), Executive EQ DISC and StrengthFinder
  • Ongoing Individual or group coaching by phone, videoconference and/or in-person
  • In-depth emphasis on positive psychology interventions designed to build a sense of confidence and well-being while reigniting passions for work and personal life


  • Midlife Mastery is designed as a six-month program. Weekly meetings in the first month, bi-weekly meetings in months 2-4 and one meeting a month during months 5-6.

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