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Are you a people manager who aspires to be a great leader?

If so, the next step in your leadership development journey should be mastering the “leader-as-coach” approach to management.

Coaching is recognized as the preferred management and leadership style of the 21st century. Our online Certified Leader Coach (CLC) program will teach you the leader-as-coach skills you need to gain confidence as a leader. As a trained leader-coach, you will:

    • Increase employee engagement
    • Create a workplace culture of innovation and growth
    • Inspire team members to develop their strengths
    • Facilitate collaboration and learning

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Improve your ability to lead, coach and make an impact!

Key Benefits of CLC for Managers & Leaders

    • Develop your confidence as a high-performing leader
    • Gain practical coaching skills for immediate application in the workplace
    • Master a unique coaching process that elicits top performance from team members
    • Learn to build trust, resolve conflicts and give effective feedback
    • Display initiative and a commitment to your own professional development
    • Position yourself for career advancement and gain a competitive edge

There are two ways to participate in the Certified Leader Coach (CLC) program – Self-Study or CLC Leadership Certification.

Sales Leadership Coaching
Sales Leadership Coaching

Option #1: CLC Leadership Certification

What:  CLC is a leadership credential offered by The Workplace Coach. The designation has been filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office and may be used only by individuals who complete our designation program.

Who it’s for: Ideal for high-potential managers and organizational leaders who want to accelerate their own leadership development, demonstrate a commitment to becoming masterful leaders and guide their organizations in transformative change. (Participants should have a minimum of 3 years related work experience.)

Content: Leadership certification includes CLC Self-Study program, plus: 6 coaching sessions with a Certified Coach, instructor feedback on your coaching skills demonstration. Complete a written exam and audio demonstration of coaching skills to earn professional certification.

Why CLC certification? Individualized application of learning via coaching sessions deepens learning and tailors the experience to your specific needs. Certification signals your sincerity about leadership and commitment to advancing. Review of your coaching demonstration ensures you are ready to apply coaching skills on the job. Earn 18 CEUs.

How much study and preparation time is required? It takes approximately 18 hours to complete online modules, your individual coaching sessions, quizzes, oral examination and related activities. Most candidates complete the program in 12 weeks, but you have up to 6 months. Approximately 88% of candidates obtain a passing score.

Price: $3,500*

*Be sure to ask about our group discounts, monthly credit card payment plans and intensive webinar option for corporate groups.

Visit The Workplace Coach Institute to Enroll in Certified Leader Coach® today!

Option #2: CLC Self-Study

What: Work through six online CLC modules at your own pace. An excellent standalone leadership development learning experience. Also, a great way to supplement executive and leadership development coaching.

Who it’s for: Ideal for mid- to senior-level managers and leaders.

Why: Learn to be a leader who coaches. Discover how leader-as-coach techniques and behaviors will transform your leadership and your organization. Earn 8 CEUs.

Content: Practical instruction in leader-as-coach skills, including areas such as teambuilding, conflict management, employee feedback and time management. Learn the theoretical underpinnings of the leader-as-coach method and key concepts such as emotional intelligence and psychological flexibility and frameworks for tackling some of the greatest challenges to people management and leadership.

Bonus materials: Audio demonstrations of workplace coaching sessions, plus supplementary materials, including downloadable self-assessments, customizable planning templates and more.

Price: $750

Visit The Workplace Coach Institute to Enroll in Certified Leader Coach® today!

Here’s what CLC graduates are saying…

“…For over a decade now, we send every new leader through the Certified Leader Coach program. It’s become a cornerstone of helping us expand leadership capacity and create a vibrant and engaged culture.” – Melissa Berry, PhD, Nonprofit HR Executive  

“The Certified Leader Coach program was outstanding. I have a whole notebook full of notes myself and have seen a marked change in our leadership team as a result of having participated in this program. We now recommend The Workplace Coach and this program to our corporate clients!” – Maria Lund, COO & President, First Sun EAP


“Our leadership and organizational development team contracted with The Workplace Coach to provide coaching skills training to support our employee engagement initiatives. Their program (Certified Leader Coach) and ongoing coaching helped us master these skills with confidence. I highly recommend and look forward to working with Mickey and his team in the future.: – Dr. Diggs-Wilborn, Director of Leadership and Organizational Development, WellStar Health Systems

More About Certified Leader Coach (CLC)

Now in its third edition, our Certified Leader Coach (CLC) program teaches managers the leader-as-coach skills that 21st century organizations need to foster a positive workplace culture and build an environment of innovation and growth.

Certified Leader Coach was designed and written by Dr. Mickey Parsons, founder of The Workplace Coach. A Master Certified Coach (MCC) who has coached more than 2,000 leaders, Dr. Parsons is also a professional educator. He is Graduate Professor of Psychology at Life University in Marietta, GA, where he co-created and teaches in the Master of Science in Positive Psychology – Coaching Psychology track. He is also an Assessor for the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

“By completing the CLC program, participants master the essence of leadership – influencing, engaging and inspiring others to perform at the highest levels possible,” said Dr. Parsons.

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Sales Leadership Coaching
Sales Leadership Coaching

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