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Using Leadership Assessments to Boost Capacity, Competency and Credibility

Self-awareness and self-management are foundational to successful leadership in all spheres and in all its aspects – individual, managerial and organizational. To support our clients in acquiring these essential aptitudes, The Workplace Coach provides access to top-rated leadership profile and assessment tools, then develops plans to ensure you derive maximum benefit from their use.

Leadership profile and assessment tools, including 360-degree assessments, provide an overview of who you are, your personal influence and impact, and how you communicate and collaborate with others. Their objective and inclusive feedback gives leaders like you the insights you need to maximize your strengths, including by surrounding yourself with individuals who complement your abilities and compensate for any limitations.

Participating in a respected leadership profile assessment demonstrates skillful self-leadership, which in turn will boost your credibility. Used skillfully, these tools will expand your emotional intelligence, allowing you to enhance your relational skills while extending your influence and professional brand. Among the benefits to your enterprise are a healthier organizational culture and ecosystem and increased engagement.

The Workplace Coach offers a selection of reliable, scientifically-proven assessment tools. These tools support leaders and their organizations in developing their leadership capacity as well as:

  • team strength and cohesiveness
  • strategy and execution
  • organizational culture
  • performance and talent development
  • advancement of high-potential individuals
  • sales, marketing, and business capacities
  • collaborative communication and relationships.

We will guide you in identifying the tool or tools best suited to your needs and objectives and collaborate with you to interpret the results for maximum benefit. We also ensure sustained success by partnering with you to design action and accountability plans.

We urge you to take advantage of these powerful tools. Time and again, we have seen leadership profile and assessment tools make an outsized impact on our clients’ professional development and performance.

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